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Главная » English » Graphene is a two-dimensional allotropic form of carbon

Graphene is a two-dimensional allotropic form of carbon

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Graphene is a two-dimensional allotropic form of carbon.


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Graphene is the most durable material on Earth. 300 times stronger than steel. A sheet of graphene with an area of one square meter and a thickness of only one atom is able to hold an object weighing 4 kilograms. Graphene, as a napkin, you can bend, fold, stretch. Paper napkin torn in his hands. That won’t happen to graphene.



Properties and advantages


Obtaining at home




Graphene is a two-dimensional allotropic form of carbon in which atoms combined into a hexagonal crystal lattice form a layer one atom thick. Graphene is literally a matter, a fabric.

Carbon has many allotropes. Some of them, for example, diamond and graphite, have been known for a long time, while others have been discovered relatively recently (10-15 years ago) — fullerenes and carbon nanotubes. It should be noted that known for many decades graphite is a stack of graphene sheets, i.e. it contains several graphene planes.

On the basis of graphene, new substances are obtained: graphene oxide, graphene hydride (called graphane) and fluorography (the product of the reaction of graphene with fluorine).

It has unique properties, which allows it to be used in various fields.


Properties and advantages:

— graphene is the most durable material on Earth. 300 times stronger than steel. A sheet of graphene with an area of one square meter and a thickness of only one atom is able to hold an object weighing 4 kilograms. Graphene, as a napkin, you can bend, fold, stretch. Paper napkin torn in his hands. With graphene this will not happen,

thanks to the two-dimensional structure of graphene, it is a very flexible material that will allow it to be used, for example, for weaving threads and other rope structures. At the same time, a thin graphene «rope» will be similar in strength to a thick and heavy steel rope,

— under certain conditions, graphene activates another ability that allows it to «heal» holes » in its crystal structure in case of damage,

it has a higher electrical conductivity. Graphene has virtually no resistance. From graphene to 70 times the mobility of electrons is higher than that of silicon. The speed of electrons in graphene is 10,000 km/s, although in a conventional conductor the speed of electrons is about 100 m/s.

— has a high electrical capacity. The specific energy of the graphene is approaching 65 kW*h/kg. This figure is 47 times that are so common nowadays lithium-ion batteries,

has a high thermal conductivity. It is 10 times more thermally conductive than copper,

— full optical transparency is characteristic. It absorbs only 2.3% of the light,

graphene film passes water molecules and thus delays all the others, which allows it to be used as a water filter,

— the lightest material. 6 times lighter than a feather,

inertia to the environment,

— absorbs radioactive waste.



The main methods of obtaining graphene are:

micromechanical exfoliation of layers of graphite (Novoselov method — method of duct tape). The graphite sample was placed between the Scotch tapes and the layers were subsequently exfoliated until the last thin layer consisting of graphene remained,

dispersion of graphite in aqueous media,

mechanical exfoliation;

epitaxial growth in vacuum;

chemical vapor-phase cooling (CVD process),

the method of «exudation» of carbon from solutions of the metals or by decomposition of carbides.


Obtaining at home:

It is necessary to take a kitchen blender with a capacity of at least 400 watts. In the bowl of the blender pour 500 ml of water, adding to the liquid 10-25 milliliters of any detergent and 20-50 grams of crushed pencil lead. Next, the blender should work from 10 minutes to half an hour until the suspension of graphene flakes. The resulting material will have a high conductivity, which will allow it to be used in the electrodes of solar cells. Also produced in the home graphene is able to improve the properties of plastic.



solar energy,

water treatment, water filtration, sea water desalination,

electronics (LCD monitors, transistors, chips, etc.)),

in batteries and energy sources. Graphene battery allows the car to overcome without recharging
1000 km, charging time of which is not more than 16 seconds,

medicine. Scientists have found that graphene scales of graphene oxide accelerate the reproduction of stem cells
and regeneration of bone cells,

the creation of super-composites,

water purification from radioactive contamination. Graphene oxide quickly removes radioactive substances from contaminated water. Flakes of graphene oxide quickly bind to natural and artificial radioisotopes and condense them, turning them into solids. The flakes themselves are liquid soluble and easy to produce on an industrial scale.


Note: Photo https://pixabay.com



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